A Little About Me!

I have lived in South Carolina most of my life, but some of you may know me from the west coast, where I spent 4 lovely years in San Diego where I was doing my residency program.  I was a doctor for the United States Navy for eight years.  I'm a University of South Carolina graduate, having spent from 1990-1998 there for both undergrad and medical school.

I've been a breeder of Scottish folds since 1994 and feel I know just about all there is to know about cats and showing!!  I have a large home with lots of room to love my cats.  My cats love to cuddle with me on a cold night in front of the fire and some could say they live the lap of luxury!  My father tells me he would like to be a cat of mine if he comes back in another life!!

My husband Chris is a full tenured professor and researcher of the human brain at the University of South Carolina where he is an Endowed Chair.  He uses the high tesla MRI machines to study the brain.  He spent 12 years in England after getting his PhD from Cambridge in 3 years!  He is such a sweet and gentle creature and the cats LOVE him. . .despite what he may say outright, he loves them too!

I enjoy creating great cuisine and learning about wines from all over the world.  I travel a lot for cat shows, holidays and hobbies (for example I attended a cooking class at the Culinary Institute of America in NY--what fun!).  In October, 2010 I became a certified sommelier at the intermediate level and September 2011 became certified at the Advanced level.  In May 2012 I passed the Certified Specialist of Wine exam and continue to go to wine conferences every year.  I enjoy landscaping and home improvement.  I've been deep into the study of music in college (which paid for undergraduate degree with scholarships), mainly opera and piano and still spout music occasionally around the house or sit down at my piano. Now, I work as a Forensic psychiatrist and help those with severe mental illness that have interactions with the legal system. On the weekends, of course, I either show or judge cats!  

Best to you and yours,