Happy Homes

This page is for displaying Amber Snow kitties in their new homes!

If you have an Amber Snow kitty and would like your picture posted here, please send an email with your first name and your location and, of course, a picture of your cat.

 **Featured Kitties**

 F'Earless celebrates his birthday

 Fuzzers is laid back in Charlotte

Scylla is a pampered Diva with Stephanie!

 Christmas kitty anyone?  This is Yvonne's Xmas Diva, named Pesto!

Martin lives with Vita and Nick.  Hasn't he turned into a beautiful boy? 

Chairman lives with Hanna and Brian in Atlanta!  Can he be more happy? 

Harry and Lily live with Dixie and Stephen in Idaho.  They are one big happy family! 

Bogey has found his home with Penny in Atlanta.  What a life! 

Mags and Piglet have a loving home with Kate! 

Tamu, the british shorthair, is gorgeous with Les and family!

Duncan is clearly happy in his new home with Kayla.

Eva loves her new home in Charleston with Deanna!!

Jack has his fill of love with Holly and Heather in Greenville, SC

Charleston Chew is kissed constantly by Janine and Marissa

Memphis looks out his screen door with John in Charleston

Akim and Marilou living in luxury with Louise!

Genesis lives with Hanna in Savannah and loves the porch!

Leo lives with Ann and Jean, shown here celebrating his first birthday!!

 Fiona and Furgus with Doyle in North Carolina. . .they have the good life!

 Paddy lives with Jody and is 8 years old now!  He still loves to help with Christmas!!

Marty lives with Heather, her family and her new puppy friend!

Butters lives with Irma and his new family in Columbia South Carolina!

Monkey and Taz expending energy with Nancy and family in Greenville!

Lexi, the british shorthair, is happy with Lisa and her family in Greenville!

Look at how beautiful Fiona grew up to be!  She is loved by Ingrid and Rainer -  what a doll!

Rascal lives with the McClellan family in Charleston.  What fun he must be having! 

Sheila and Betty also live with the McClellan family in Charleston. . .their house is full of excitement! 

CC is loved in her home in Charleston with Diane!  Thanks for taking such good care of her!

Otter lives happily with Chenyang in New York!  Isn't she a cutie?

Yuri lives with JJ.  Isn't he beautiful?!?!

Lailai is so beautiful and is living with Chenyang!

Gus lives in the lap of Luxury with Annette!

Paula has no worries living with Hannah!