Kittens for Adoption

Last updated 11/12/19

 Kittens Born!  March 6, 2019
Brown tabby and white female longhair folded ear

Kittens Born!  May 7, 2019
Blue and white longhair folded ear female

Kittens Born!  May 24, 2019
Black and white shorthair straight ear female
Red and white shorthair straight ear male

Kittens Born! November 4, 2019
Brown classic tabby and white female
Brown mackerel tabby and white male
Brown patched tabby and white female

Kittens Expected! November 17, 2019

Kittens are kept with their mother until they are at least 12 weeks of age, when they are available for adoption into your home.  Please click here to read why kittens need to stay with their mothers until they are that old. I only post photos when a kitten is old enough for adoption (spayed/neutered, weaned, photos hint at adult looks, shots). At that stage, you can place a nonrefundable (20% of purchase price) deposit to reserve the cat. Kittens are reserved by deposits only - just because you say you want one doesn't guarantee it. I reserve the right to refuse any adoption if I feel you will not provide a good home. I prefer to place cats locally (we live near Columbia, South Carolina and typically place in SC and the surrounding states), where I can usually arrange free delivery (click here for my travel schedule).

Please do NOT declaw your cat.  If you are inclined to declaw, please click here to read more.

Repeat Buyer's Discount:  If you already have an Amber Snow kitty and want another, ask about my Repeat Buyer's Discount!  Does not apply to adults or teenager adoptions.

Adults/teenagers available for adoption on their own page. . . don't miss out on them!

The Myths of Feline Vaccines

I have attended enough Winn Feline Foundation Symposiums and read enough of the scientific literature that I am no longer a believer in booster vaccines for cats.  I'm sure you have heard of Feline Injection Site Sarcomas.  These are sarcomas that result from a variety of different vaccines and kill cats every year.  In addition, there is research that almost all feline vaccines are created from strains of kidney cells.  This seems to increase the cat's production of antibodies AGAINST KIDNEY CELLS.  No wonder one of the leading causes of death in cats in kidney disease!  Finally, there has been documented research out FOR YEARS that found one well timed vaccine creates titers high enough for immunity for AT LEAST 7 years.  You don't get your Measles shot every year, do you?  Why would you give your cats the same injections over and over every year?  Your Amber Snow cat will come with a Rabies shot (required by law) and ONE FVRCP vaccine.  In the FVRCP vaccine, the most important to protect against is Panleukopenia, which is highly contagious and can be fatal.  Thankfully the research shows just one vaccination may provide immunity for a lifetime.

Please educate yourself on the dangers of vaccines and do NOT be swayed by unknowledgeable vets who want your money every year or by big pharma who is also more than happy to make you poor.  Don't take it from me. . .take it from veterinarians, some of whom are making a stand for what is right.  Please click on the links to watch these smart videos. . .

Dr. Karen Becker:  Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

Dr. John Rob:  The Dangers of Vaccine Overdosing

Dr. Clayton Greenway:  How Often Vaccines Need Boostering and the Benefits of Titer Testing