Kittens for Adoption

Last Updated February 19, 2017!  Click on any picture to enlarge! 

Kittens are kept with their mother until they are at least 12 weeks of age, when they are available for adoption into your home.  Please click here to read why kittens need to stay with their mothers until they are that old. I only post photos when a kitten is old enough for adoption (spayed/neutered, weaned, photos hint at adult looks, full course of shots). At that stage, you can place a nonrefundable (20% of purchase price) deposit to reserve the cat. Kittens are reserved by deposits only - just because you say you want one doesn't guarantee it. I reserve the right to refuse any adoption if I feel you will not provide a good home. I place cats locally (we live near Columbia, South Carolina and typically place in SC and the surrounding states), where I can usually arrange free delivery (click here for my travel schedule).  

Adults/teenagers available for adoption on their own page. . . don't miss out on them!


 $150  Born 08/31/2016 This very cute blue and white straight ear longhair female is also quite sweet, calm and loving.  She likes to sleep and cuddle with you.

**Adoption fee only**  Born 08/31/2016 This blue and white longhair straight ear male has a streak of underlying anxiety.  As such, he can startle with loud noises and would not be good for a home with children.  We have had him in "kitty rehab" and he now eats out of our hands, but he may require a patient new owner.  Once he gets to know you, he has a very loud purr and loves to sleep with you.

All Amber Snow kittens have all kitten shots (including rabies) and are guaranteed parasite free, polycystic kidney disease free, feline leukemia and feline aids free.  They will come with papers for registration in the Cat Fancier's Association.  They are also already spayed/neutered before being placed in a pet home!  My kittens are kept strictly indoors! I forbid declawing of my cats in my contract.  If you are inclined to declaw, please click here to read more. Please inquire via email on my Contact Us page on this website if you are interested in my felines.

Repeat Buyer's Discount:  If you already have an Amber Snow kitty and want another, ask about my Repeat Buyer's Discount!  Does not apply to adults or teenager adoptions. Please contact me using the form on my "Contact Me" page for inquiries and interest in my cats.

If you have a big heart for those in need, please check out the Scottish Fold Rescue Organization.

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