Bones and Raw Food Diet 

Those of you who already have Amber Snow kitties know that I feed and believe in the Bones and Raw food diet.  Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have evolved for thousands of years to eat meat and meat only.  Cats (like humans actually) do not digest corn or grains and this leads only to more litter box products, if you know what I mean.  In addition, feeding raw food leads to better overall health, better breeding potential and certainly strong musculature.  Please allow me to try to convince you!

The vital importance of whole raw food for animal health was first demonstrated by a ten-year experiment (1932-42) run by Francis Pottenger, MD.  The experiment involved 900 cats.  Dr. Pottenger had noticed that cats fed on raw food enjoyed good health, as did their offspring. When the cats were fed cooked or processed food, their health deteriorated. These cats developed behavior problems, allergies, skin problems, parasites, nervous system inflammation, organ malfunction, and skeletal deformities. The third generation of cats fed only cooked food could no longer reproduce. It took four generations of cats eating raw food for those lines to regain health.

Lisa A. Pierson, DVM  "It would be as illogical to feed a carnivore a steady diet of meat-flavored cereals as it would be to feed meat to a vegetarian like a horse or a cow, right?  So why are we continuing to feed our carnivores like herbivores? The answers are simple.  Grains are cheap.  Dry food is convenient.  Affordability and convenience sells."

T.J. Dunn D.V.M."There is ample proof that today's pet dogs and cats do not thrive on cheap, packaged, corn-based pet foods.  Dogs and cats are primarily meat eaters; to fill them up with grain-based processed dry foods that barely meet minimum daily nutrient requirements has proven to be a mistake."

William Pollak D.V.M. "Severe nutritional deficiencies and toxic states have been known to mimic almost every known disease in veterinary medicine. In chronic conditions, some developing over several generations, improvement in health can take months or years.  Before World War II, most North Americans fed their pets raw bones and table scraps. Today, everyone uses convenience foods, and pet food companies are industry giants. Diet isn't the only thing that has changed. So has life expectancy, with the life span of many breeds now less than half what it was two or three decades ago. Skin and coat problems are so common that we accept them as unavoidable, and today's vets routinely treat conditions that used to be unusual or even rare."

For more information on this diet please check out or!

For a great supplier of whole ground products, check out Hare Today Gone Tomorrow.  Tracy ships all over the US!

Another fantastic supplier is My Pet Carnivore.  They have many great options of proteins to choose from.

For a great supplier in the southern United States, try Blue Ridge Beef

Wysong Epigen 90 is a great alternative for those who cannot feed a raw food diet.  It contains unprecedented and unequalled meat content, including organic. 63% protein, and 16% fat.  This is the highest percentage of protein I have found in a dry cat food.

Young Again:  This premium, fairly new cat food boasts ZERO digestible carobhydrates.  It is good for all life stages.  It has 55% Protein, 24% Fat.  It has 4070 kilocalories per kg.  You can purchase direct from Young Again and with orders over $30 your shipping is FREE~

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Innova Evo:  This premium cat food utilizes the biologically appropriate diet and therefore contains no grains.  Their website link has an option to search for suppliers in your area.  It is 50% protein, 22% fat and 7% carbohydrates.  It gives your cat 4500 kilocalories per kg.

Orijen cat food believes the concept is simple: include the fresh, whole foods that nature evolved cats to eat (in correct ratio and quantity), and exclude ingredients like cereal grains that are not part of the natural diet.  I have to say the cats think this food tastes great!  Their website has a store locator.  It is 45% protein, 20% fat and 15% carbohydrates.  It gives your cat 4700 kilocalories per kg, which means they will need to eat less of it.

Taste of the Wild: This grain free cat food wins many taste tests with the discerning cats of our household. The Rocky Mountain Feline Formula is 42% protein, 18% fat and 20% carbohydrates.  I do not recommend this food for diabetic cats.  It gives your cat 3745 kilocalories per kg.