Here are some products I use and recommend. I do not receive any money or benefits for advertising these products. I endorse them because I honestly think they are useful.

 Furwood Forest Cat Trees!

These rustic designed cat trees are wonderful!  I know Steve Hall, based in Georgia, personally and his life is making gorgeous cat trees that are really more like works of art.  I have several of his trees and the cats just love them.  I love them too, as they add a bit of the wild forest to my home.  Check out his website. . .he ships nationwide!!  Tell him I sent you!

 Hidy-Tidy Litter Boxes

These gorgeous litter boxes are made of solid wood!  They look like furniture and hide the smell of litter.  I have these throughout my home and it improves the overall look and feel of my home. . .no messy litters boxes in view!  I even have one by the dining table and no one notices, even when eating!  Check out their website. . .they are based in Arizona but ship with reasonable fees!

Bissell SpotBot is simply the best thing to clean coughed up hairballs!  I have read reports from people with dogs that say it is also a must-have!  We often refer to "life before Spotbot" and recall it was terrible.  In reality, this little machine ends the on-your-knees cleaning of the carpet.  It really works and is much less hassle than a full sized machine.  It's for sale at Ace Hardware, Sears and Wal-mart.