British Shorthairs

I am not currently breeding British shorthairs so will not have any kittens available in the forseeable future.  Here are some photos of the lovely cats I have created~  I may occasionally have an adult british shorthair cat available for adoption on my Teens Page.

Supreme Master Grand Champion Amber Snow General Sherman CNW

CCA's 5th Best Cat Nationally 2006-2007!!
CCA's 8th Best Cat Nationally 2005-2006!!
CCA's BEST British Shorthair Nationally 2005-2006!!
CFA Grand Champion 10/06!!

Thanks to Louise Gagnon of Loupa Cattery for showing Sherman in Canada!!  Way to go Louise!!  Louise has also Granded Sherman in CFA!  Woohoo!

GC Amber Snow Wylie Ways is a beautiful boy who lives in Arizona with Trish of AZ Fancyface cattery.

GC Amber Snow Sugar 

GC Amber Snow Charleston of Divine Design 

GC Amber Snow Stilton 

GC, RW Windmillrose Gina of Amber Snow, DM

GC, RW Rumietum's General Beauregard

 Not yet pictured:                 GC Amber Snow Derby

(This Breed information provided by the Cat Fanciers Association)

The British Shorthair, probably the oldest English breed of cat, traces its ancestry back to the domestic cat of Rome. This breed was first prized for its physical strength and hunting ability, but soon became equally recognized and valued for its calm demeanor, endurance and loyalty to man.

The British Shorthair is a comparatively rare cat in the United States.  The British Shorthair is gaining in popularity, however, every year as it is bred and exhibited by an increasing number of enthusiastic fanciers.  The British Shorthair has a short plush coat with a luxurious feel which is very easy to groom.   A British Shorthair is always in quiet control of his or her environment, supervising everyone and everything that happens in the family. A larger sized cat that prefers to be on the ground, Brits are not known for acrobatics or speed. However, they are steadfast companions to the entire family and definitely look before they leap. When gracelessness is observed, the British Shorthair is duly embarrassed; quickly recovering with a �Cheshire Cat smile.�